Leaflet Distribution FAQ's

Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions.If you do not find your answer here please contact us

What is the cost of your Leaflet distribution services?
We are very transparent with our pricing. Our prices are very much dependent upon the volume and size of your leaflets. For example our standard price for a 1,000 flyers for a shared distribution of A5 flyer size, is different to our price for a solo A4 leaflet distribution. Call 01305 823152 and we will be happy to discuss the various options with you.

Is the price the same for every area that I wish to distribute to?
There are some post code areas where properties are very spread out. Obviously this type of area takes longer to distribute to compared to a built up town area for instance. We can map the area and quote accordingly if you wish to have your leaflets distributed in these areas or villages.

How many leaflets do you distribute together?
We usually deliver a maximum of 3 other non-competing leaflets for a shared distribution.
On a solus leaflet distribution yours is the only leaflet distributed. Solus leaflet distribution has by far the best response rate.

How do I know my leaflets are actually distributed?
Our distributers are all mature adults whom have been vetted by us. We conduct regular back checks on all delivery routes. We also use our own in house monitoring system.

How do I get my leaflets to you?
You can drop your flyers for distribution at our depot. We can also collect free of charge if the leaflets are local to the distribution post codes. Larger quantities are usually sent to us from the printers directly. L

What about payment?
The quickest and easiest way is to pay online. As soon as our invoice is settled, we will arrange collection and distribution of your leaflets.

What is the minimum you would distribute? The minimum amount of leaflets we accept for leaflet distribution is 5000.

What about the design and printing of my leaflets?
We offer a full in house service for design and print. Our prices for leaflet printing and the quality of our leaflet design services are very hard to beat. Call us on 01305 823152 before you order your printing. We can save you money!

How much time do you need to arrange my distribution?
The more advance notice you give us the better but we usually need at least 7 days notice.

How do I place an order?
Call us on 01305 823152 or email us

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From leaflets to logo design, stationery and corporate identity, we provide everything you need for professional marketing

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